Visual Art by Ellen LeBel

                                      SPIRIT IN NATURE: paintings by Ellen LeBel                      

                                         October 14-November 8, 2016

                         The Garden Gate    905 H. St. Arcata, CA 95521

“ I as a body and mind have been a constantly changing symbol of all the qualities of the realm of dreams.”       Morris Graves

For the past twenty years I have deepened my practices of yoga and active imagination while studying Asian art and calligraphy.  In response, my art making process and images are evolving.Attuning to my sensory experience in the moment, my imagination awakens and a flow enters my body.  I dance with the brush, paper and pigments. This often feels like a reverie, a union of creative spirit and medium as an expression of Nature within me and around me.

I discovered that retreating alone from daily life for several days offered contemplative time and sustained experience of nature that transformed how I paint. When I began studying Asian calligraphy and sumi-e, I learned the principle of muga ( “it is not I that am doing this”) and methods to awaken Ki (or Qi in Chinese) in my physical warm up before painting.

In June 2016, I was honored to be an artist in residence at the Morris Graves Foundation for 10 days.  Most of the paintings in this show are from that luminous summer stay and previous art retreats. This show honors my teachers, artists and friends who have inspired and encouraged me, Desiree and Robert Yarber at the Morris Graves Foundation, and my husband Bruce for being my creative companion.  I am very grateful to the friendly people at The Garden Gate for hosting this exhibit.

                  Afternoon at The Lake   2016

MOVING TAO: Cultivating Creativity

Workshop with Pearl Huang & Ellen LeBel at Eureka Studio Arts. Sun Nov 2: 10am-4pm, $75. Register Here

Reconnecting body, mind and spirit


Ever wonder how to get out of feeling artistically stuck, uninspired or bored? Join Pearl Huang and Ellen LeBel in a workshop designed to rejuvenate your artistic practice with Tai Ji Qi Gong, Chinese calligraphy and play. Experience and learn how traditional Asian artists focus their energy physically, mentally and spiritually through movement and awareness.

Pearl will demonstrate and introduce her Tai Ji Qi Gong meditation and healing
practice with the brush and dance movements. Pearl is a joyful teacher who makes it fun and easy to participate along with her demonstrations. Ellen, a sumi-e painter and dance/movement therapist, will invite artists to play with images, color and expressive movements awakened by practicing movement forms.

This workshop is designed for all artists and no prior experience with Tai Ji or
Chinese brush calligraphy is needed. Most materials are included! Please bring your own sketchbook and pen or pencils, and wear comfortable shoes and clothes. For more information about the class or the instructors, visit the Eureka Studios Arts website or give the studio a call at (707) 440-9027.


Pastel, Sumi and iPad paintings by Ellen LeBel

January & February 2014     

              Coast Central Credit Union, 7th and F. Sts., Arcata, California

              ARTS ARCATA RECEPTION FEBRUARY 14,     6:00-7:30 PM 

Join us for refreshments!